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I am surprised that I am the first to comment.
Unusually well written, unusually informative, and quite caustic of American penile provinciality. Ms Myrna, you truly are a Penis Lady for our time.
Is 21st century romance fiction that explicit, or do you want it to become that more explicit under your guidance?
There is a good source of imagery that is not a porn site at all: Wikimedia Commons. This even includes 1-2 videos of retraction. The retractability of the foreskin is hard to explain in words alone. The embedded link to a computer animation of retractability, has gone dead.

Thank you for letting me know about the broken link. I've replaced it with a different video that also shows the gliding motion of the foreskin.

I take my role as Penis Lady very seriously! :D

I like to read a "anatomy of the vagina".

I haven't updated on this blog in a very long time, but you're right in that I should really consider writing "anatomy of a vagina." Of course, since most romance novel authors are female, they generally have a reasonable understanding of what's going on down there. Mostly they just need some better words ("pearl" is soooo overused). If I do wind up posting an article about the vagina, I'll link here.

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