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You're right. They probably used a Captain America from one of the multiverses.

Honestly though, I think that sometimes the screen writers either think that fans won't notice those details or they don't pay attention to it. It is disappointing to wait years for a movie and then find that they have a detail wrong- it throws off the experience somewhat because you don't feel that you are looking at the real deal.

It may be fiction but it has to stay true to the original story or, if they make changes, they need to make those changes seem plausible.

I don't mind the differences between the comics and MCU. I mean, Tony stark was tall and had blue eyes. Robert Downey Jr. is barely taller than my 5'7" and has brown (or hazel depending on who you ask) eyes. It's only been recently that in cartoons like Earth's Mightiest Heroes they've made him resemble RDJ more. And thank every god that Thor no longer looks like he did in comics. Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous. Whereas comics Thor often


Leaves a lot


To be desired.


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